CoSN Team Award 2021

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Signup Deadline: 12-13-2020
Starts: 03-02-2021
Ends: 03-04-2021


CoSN’s Team Award recognizes a district leadership team for its transformative impact on student learning with technology. 

Teams from all types of schools—public, charter, private, parochial, or independent—are eligible for the Team Award. Nominees must be CoSN members. CoSN Board members and their institutions are ineligible for CoSN awards.

CoSN Chapters are allowed to submit one nominee from their state for each award.  If your chapter submits a nominee, no other submissions from that state will be considered. Only current CoSN members may be considered for the CoSN Team Award.

Nominations are due 12/4/2020.

You must answer all the questions in one sitting.  Answers are limited to 200 words.  See the questions below to plan in advance:

  1. LEADERSHIP: (200 Words) How has the team provided leadership in applying information technologies to increase opportunities and accessibility for student learning? (Give examples of how the team composition was chosen or constructed and the roles and activities of the team members.)
  2. COMMUNICATION: (200 Words) What communication vehicles does the team employ to help parents, teachers, educational leadership and the community form partnerships to engage students in the learning process? What are the main points of your communication plan and what modes of execution have you employed?
  3. INNOVATION: (200 Words) How does the team uses technology in innovative ways that are based on best practices? (Focus on practices that could be replicated by other teams in varying settings.)
  4. IMPACT: (200 Words) How has this team created a major change in the district or agency? What data exists to validate impact?
  5. PUBLIC OR PRIVATE SECTOR PARTNERSHIPS: (200 Words) What partnerships and policies have been developed by this team to provide connectivity and/or increase learning by students?

Persons/Teams Awarded:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

All Are Welcome to Apply


Brian Calvary