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  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    Hi Patricia! Although we do not have any board policies in place, we don't allow these devices to be added to our network because of uncertainties and concerns around data privacy. Alicia Duell Director of Technology & Information ...

  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    Hi, Do you have any board policy in place around AI in schools?  Specifically, I am interested in policy around consumer voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, etc. and student data privacy. Thank you in advance, Patricia ------------------------------ ...

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    Posted in: CoSN Community

    Hello everyone!  I am the East Coast Account Executive for Kami.  I cover all of the east coast through Georgia and Michigan as well.  I am based in Buffalo, NY.   This will be my first year at the conference in Washington and I am excited to meet everyone.  ...

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