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CoSN Peer Reviewer

Starts: 02-25-2021
Location: Online Opportunity

Note:  All necessary volunteers are scheduled


Opportunity: CoSN will be conducting ten Peer Reviews over the next 4 months.  Each Review requires 2-3 volunteers. Volunteers are critical to this effort. Completing the application form should take you about 30 seconds and will signify your interest in participating in this program as a Peer Reviewer.

Why volunteer to be a Peer Reviewer?  Reviewers are able to see first hand how other school districts manage their administrative and instructional technology operations. They will then be asked to provide technical assistance to these districts that conforms with the CoSN Digital leap Matrix. This is an excellent professional development opportunity that requires only an investment of your time, which we realize is a precious commodity in itself. Past reviewers have agreed that the opportunity to see how other school systems manage their technology operations has provided a direct benefit to their drive for continuous improvement. They were able to walk away with new ideas in addition to lessons in productive failure. We will also provide an honorarium of $500 as a token of our appreciation.

Is Travel Involved? In normal times, a Review does require travel, but currently we are conducting reviews virtually through our Zoom platform.

What is the time commitment? Reviews are conducted over a two day timeframe. Additional time is required to formulate recommendations and commendations.  Additional presentation time may be required. This adds up to about 25-30 hours depending on what you put into it. Right now you can do it all from the comfort of your own home office.   

Qualities we are seeking in a Reviewer? CETLs are preferred as they are already familiar with the Framework of Essential Skills. The Digital Leap Matrix is a similar framework with added infrastructure elements. Our reviewers will also have senior level experience in a school system that has an enrollment similar to the size of the school system being reviewed, so this matching process be a factor in selection of reviewers.

About the Peer Review Program. School system leaders need guidance to advance their technology goals—and overcome both the expected and unexpected challenges. This is why CoSN developed a resource to support their efforts. The CoSN Digital Leap Matrix outlines the practices needed to be a successful digital school system. The review process will use this Matrix to determine how a district aligns with best practices identified by peers who have successfully converted to a digital environment. More information on the Peer Review process is here.

What happens after I apply? CoSN will acknowledge your application. As our team receives Review requests, we will match reviewers from similar school systems to projects. If we have a match, we will contact you to determine your interest and availability. Your application does not commit you to be a reviewer, it only signifies your interest in exploring the opportunity further. It is a starting point.   

Persons/Teams Awarded:

15 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

7 - 10 Years Industry Experience

Continuing Education Credits:



Robert Duke
Consortium for School Networking