Mr. George Sorrells CETL

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I have worked in Educational Technology since 2002. I started as a Network Administrator, and then in moved into the role of Technology Director. My primary skill set is making sure the 1's and 0's flow around the district, but a very close second is making sure the technology is used in the classroom.

My wife and I recently made a big move.  The company she had worked for since we were married was purchased by a company HQd in Zürich, Switzerland.  September, 2019, I relocated.  I am now furiously studying German, because I have a year to pass a language test, or the Swiss Government supposedly ships me back home!  After I have passed the test.  I plan on seeking employment with a school over here, or at the least volunteering with some local schools.  I would really like to learn how the Swiss Education System is different.  That way when I return to the US, I will hopefully have something to offer a new District.   You can follow my adventures at 

I also have a side gig developing mobile applications. A friend and I combined our love of the outdoors, with our love of technology, and we designed apps for hunting, fishing, and trapping.