CoSN Board Nominations

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Signup Deadline: 10-07-2018
Starts: 04-01-2019
Ends: 03-31-2020
Location: Online Opportunity


Help shape the future of education technology and CoSN by nominating a representative (or yourself) for the CoSN Board of Directors. CoSN Board members are elected for three-year terms. By choosing our leadership, you guide our mission and inform our decision making. This year, we are electing 5 Institutional members and 1 Corporate member. Nominations are due by Sunday, October 7 at midnight in advance of the fall CoSN Board Election.

If elected, applicants must be able to attend the Jan 31-Feb 2, 2019 Strategic Planning Retreat in Santa Fe, NM (expenses paid by CoSN), as well as the Board Meeting at CoSN 2017 in Portland, OR on March 30-31.

The individual Board seat is not up for election this year, so individual members are not eligible to participate in this election.

To apply, log-in to your account above and then click the apply button.

Persons/Teams Awarded:

6 (6 open slots)

Experience Required:

Director Level Industry Experience


Brian Calvary