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Marie Bjerede is an established authority on mobile learning, the Founder of e-Mergents LLC, and a 25-year veteran executive leader in high-tech and wireless communication development. Bjerede advises schools, startups, and technology leaders on the products, practices, and platforms that enable and scale authentic learning and teaching with technology.

Prior to her work in education, Bjerede worked in high-tech product development and executive leadership, leading teams of hundreds of engineers in developing cutting-edge communications products. She also spent over a decade as VP & GM for Qualcomm’s Portland Design Center, a cross-disciplinary center of excellence responsible for product development, product and project management, test and documentation, and leading engineering practices.

Bjerede consults, writes, and speaks on how to create environments for learning and working enabled by technology platforms and self-organizing cultures. She has seen first-hand how the right technologies and approaches can be force multipliers for productivity, agency, and personalization. She works with schools to use personal, mobile devices to support students in accelerating and taking ownership of their learning. She analyzes the markets and infrastructure of our education system to identify the leverage points where products, services, applications, and new practices are needed to support the transformation of schooling. And she studies the infrastructure needs of a 21st century learning ecosystem to identify where those who already lead in technology and policy can further serve education.

Bjerede currently serves as Principal, Mobile Learning and Infrastructure for the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN) leading initiatives on mobile learning, network design, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

Marie Bjerede takes an unconventional approach in all her endeavors – removing constraints from systems to get bigger payoffs with less effort.