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1.  Microsoft HoloLens

Posted 01-24-2018 22:57
Does anyone have any experience with the Microsoft HoloLens in a K-12 environment.  I noticed a partnership with Pearson and am interested in the Windows Mixed Reality  and the immersive VR Headsets."
"Pearson – the world's largest education company – will begin rolling out in March curriculum that will work on both HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality immersive VR headsets..."

Donna Williamson
Director of Technology
Mountain Brook City Board of Education
Mountain Brook AL
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2.  RE: Microsoft HoloLens

Posted 01-25-2018 15:04
Hi Donna,

We haven't brought the Hololens into our district, however at last year's conference I tested it out for a while. The innovation is pretty nice and the AR environment seemed promising but I would definitely wait for 2nd generation/iteration of AR. Navigation controls were clunky and really felt like an "I" device instead of a we experience. I'm piloting VR in the next month with an HTC Vive rig. My thoughts would be for the student to experience VR while it's projecting the experience to the class to make this a more "we" experience.

Eric Hansen Diamond Lake School District 76
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Diamond Lake School District 76
Mundelein IL
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