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Password Resets

  • 1.  Password Resets

    Posted 08-28-2018 10:31

    How do you handle student resets of passwords on Chromebooks each year?  Do you force reset for Gmail or do you have them use forgot password.  Also, how often do you have students reset passwords?  What do you use as your default password for students? 


    Thank you.


    Lisa Lund

    Sr. Manager of Ed Technology

    Denver Public Schools


  • 2.  RE: Password Resets

    Posted 08-28-2018 17:35
    We reset PreK-5 passwords in the summer to a standard password.

    6-12th grade we don't touch. And that works well. We also give teacher the ability to reset student passwords ONLY, so that alleviates a lot of problems.

    The default is a word and a number. Prefer not to put it on here.


    Kieran O'Connor, CETL
    Executive Director of Planning, Development and Technology
    East Syracuse Minoa Central Schools

    315-434-3008 or internal x2661

  • 3.  RE: Password Resets

    Posted 08-30-2018 18:00
    Thank you.  Super helpful.
    Lisa Lund
    Sr. Manager of Ed Tech
    Denver Public Schools

    Lisa Lund
    Senior Manager of Educational Technology
    Denver Public Schools
    Denver CO
    (720) 423-1994

  • 4.  RE: Password Resets

    Posted 08-31-2018 08:22

    Agree 100% with giving teachers the ability to reset student passwords - saves a lot of headaches and minimizes lost instructional time! 

    Susan M. Bearden

    Chief Innovation Officer


  • 5.  RE: Password Resets

    Posted 09-03-2018 07:46
    In Boulder, we do the same as Kieran but twice a year.   Specifically, reset PreK-5 in the summer and right after the holidays to a standard password.  6-12th graders, like staff, use our single sign-on (SSO) portal.

    The teachers also have the capability to reset student passwords in a tool we wrote that is in Infinite Campus.  Although I have commissioned a full security audit and won't be surprised if this tool is no longer compliant with best practice.


    Andrew Moore
    Boulder Valley School District
    Boulder CO
    (720) 561-5050

  • 6.  RE: Password Resets

    Posted 09-04-2018 18:33
    Student passwords are reset annually to a random-assigned value and the kids memorize it.
    We do not allow resets of any sort, as this could get a bit messy.  Conversely, teachers can look up a student's password via a custom field in our SIS in the event a student claims to have forgotten their password.

    Greg Hubenak
    Director of Technology
    San Marcos CISD
    San Marcos TX
    (512) 393-6905

  • 7.  RE: Password Resets

    Posted 09-10-2018 17:08
    We set new passwords to all students up to and including 6th grade.  This is when they enter middle school.  I've built a custom program to handle a lot of this.  It also outputs a per-classroom list of credentials, which we give to each teacher.  This way, it is in hard-copy and not online, where it can be compromised if even a single teacher or office worker falling for a phishing scam.

    This also allows us to give all elementary school teachers their class list each year, because we know the password while it is being changed even though we don't log it in our SIS, a spreadsheet, or some other place that can be compromised.

    In middle school and high school, it is up to the students to remember them.  We treat it as part of growing up in the modern age and almost all of them rise to the challenge.  We have to change a few on the first two days after summer recess and then another one every few weeks through the year.  However, compared to the 700-ish students who are expected to remember their passwords, that is a very small percentage.

    That said, we have also taught students all the way down to kindergarten to memorize their passwords.  They really can do it, if you set up the right environment for them.  We've done it for the last 3 years.  I'm not sure, but I think we even had the full-day pre-kindergarten doing it last year.  We do make a password that is somewhat easy for them to remember, but there is at least a little randomness in it and they do alright.  I'd be happy to discuss the details on the phone, if you're interested.  I could also put you in touch with the teacher who managed to get all the students in his elementary school to memorize their passwords.

    Lastly, while I haven't used it myself, I hear that the product "Clever" can make this all moot.  Give it a quick look to see if it would fit your needs.

    Hope that helps.

    Jaime Kikpole
    Director of Technology and Innovations
    Cairo-Durham CSD
    Cairo NY
    (518) 622-8543 (59500)