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Scheduling and Tracking Professional Development

  • 1.  Scheduling and Tracking Professional Development

    Posted 09-20-2018 10:20
    Hello CoSN Community,

    Beaverton School District is looking to replace our custom third party developed SharePoint Professional Development tracking system in SharePoint. Our current system allows "registrars" to create events that staff can sign up for. It tracks all staff PD hours. It can be for district PD or tracking externally offered PD. When staff signup they receive a message and a calendar invite. The system can be used by the "registrar" at the event to sign in online. You can search for upcoming events by calendar, by department offering the event, description, course number, etc. To your event you can add many details besides a description, such as target audience, grade levels the PD is applicable for, number of PD hours the course qualifies for, and even make it a repeating event. You can print custom roster sheets and sign-in on paper or use a computer to have people check in by entering their employee ID. Staff receive credit based on the PD hours of the course set by the registrar. In IT, our Systems Support team uses it to track our user groups, student information system classes, and other systems we train teachers, admins and staff on. Our staff must take their SIS training before they are given access to various modules in the SIS (enrollment and demographics, attendance, discipline, etc). All staff who get access to our SIS must, at a minimum, take our online intro course to our SIS. Which they can signup for from this system as well.

    So, why would we want to switch systems? Because this custom vendor solution resides on SharePoint, created by a third party, and needs to be updated to a newer SharePoint version. This system is combined with other modules delivered through SharePoint and is very expensive to maintain. We are reaching out to see what other districts are using to track PD. We would like to find a third party hosted solution, if possible. We have about 7,000 full and part time staff to track PD for.

    Thank you!

    Jim Newton
    Manager of Application Development
    Beaverton School District
    Beaverton OR
    (503) 356-4416

  • 2.  RE: Scheduling and Tracking Professional Development

    Posted 09-21-2018 09:08
    During the 2017-18 school year, ​the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) rolled out a new professional development tracking system called Midas.  Like many organizations switching systems, USBE experienced a challenge moving transferring records from their previous provider, however educators throughout the state of Utah can now track their PD easily.  The product seems to scale as Utah has over 21,000 educators that are in Midas.  If you'd like to know more about Midas, I'd recommend contacting Rick Gaisford, USBE's Education Technology Specialist (a CETL) at  He's well known across the country and could easily provide a thorough product description to you if you wanted to know more about Utah's Midas system.


    Jim N. Langston, M.A., CETL
    Director of Information Technology
    Tooele County School District
    92 Lodestone Way Tooele, UT 84074
    Office: 435-833-1900 ext. 1148
    Fax: 435-833-1912

  • 3.  RE: Scheduling and Tracking Professional Development

    Posted 09-21-2018 10:42
    Hi Jim,

    Here in Minnesota, TIES (which, as of Sept 1 is now Sourcewell Technology) first purchased and then developed KeepCertified. It served three purposes:
    1. Allow districts to manage PD (create courses, tag with state requirements, assign CEU clock hours, registration and attendance).
    2. Allow teachers to track their clock hours and state requirements (until recently 125 hours, 9 specific topics).
    3. Allow local CEU committees to approve teacher requested clock hours. MN put approval power in the hands of local committees rather than put the burden of approval on the state.

    With the acquisition of TIES by Sourcewell we are no longer a consortium own by 48 school districts, we became part of a government agency with a national customer base. The state of MN also retooled relicensure requirements which is forcing us to look at redevelopment or replacement of the system. We connected with PeopleAdmin which seemed to fit the features described above and are investigating it further. PeopleAdmin has also recently been acquired by PowerSchool and is being added to their TalentEd tool. It seems to be flexible enough to apply to various state requirements as well. It's worth a look.

    Sorry or the long explanation, I didn't want it to sound like a sales pitch but a tour of how we ended in the same place.

    Troy Cherry
    Lead Education Technology Consultant
    Sourcewell Technology
    St. Paul MN
    (651) 999-6000