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Per-device Licensing Surcharges to Schools

  • 1.  Per-device Licensing Surcharges to Schools

    Posted 10-05-2018 16:12
    Hi all,

    Our District has virtually ceased central purchasing of devices (primarily due to budget constraints) meaning virtually all device purchases are initiated by our ~100 school sites. Because we are adding over 10,000 devices annually in this manner, we are looking at instituting a surcharge for our school's device purchases to help offset the increased centralized costs - largely for licensing.

    Is anyone willing to share their experiences and practices (and any pitfalls) with such a program?


    Robert C. Sidford, CETL
    Chief Information and Innovation Officer
    Washoe County School District
    Reno NV
    (775) 789-3400

  • 2.  RE: Per-device Licensing Surcharges to Schools

    Posted 10-08-2018 10:33

    We are in a similar boat where the district does not purchase the devices for school use. However, we still procure them centrally and then "sell" them to the school. As part of that transaction, we bundle the management license or any install fees as part of that transaction. We do list it as a line-item so that it's clear what they are paying for, but we did not receive any kick back from them since it is a required component. When asked we just remind them why we are charging the fee and what service it covers. This is easy for something like Chrome where it's a one-time fee. It's a bit more challenging for other things that are annual. Luckily in most of those cases we are able to pay for that centrally. However, I think you could still justify a one-time fee to help cover a portion of those renewals but would still need to budget to cover the entire expected amount.

    Let me know if I can go into any additional detail.

    Freddie Cox
    IT Infrastructure Manager
    Knox County Schools

  • 3.  RE: Per-device Licensing Surcharges to Schools

    Posted 10-12-2018 22:38
    While we purchase a majority of technology centrally as part of our Learning Technology Plan, our schools also have the option to use their funds to supplement their available technology.

    Here's a link to our support doc where we explain the fee we charge for school purchased iPads. We don't currently charge a fee for school purchased Chromebooks.

    Non-LTP iPad Support
    Svvsd remove preview
    Non-LTP iPad Support
    Author or Editor: Edward Lewis - Edit All Non-LTP funded iPads purchased through the SVVSD tech store will now be managed and added to our SVVSD MDM. Check out the FAQ's and workflow process below. What does this means for schools and departments within SVVSD ?
    View this on Svvsd >

    Michelle Bourgeois
    Director of Learning Technology
    St. Vrain Valley School District
    Longmont CO