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Cell Phone Extenders on School Network

  • 1.  Cell Phone Extenders on School Network

    Posted 06-22-2017 19:21
    Has anyone added a Cell Phone Provider onto their computer network in their schools? I am exploring this with Verizon but am concerned that this may provide student access to unfiltered internet through their cell phone. I am concerned with staying under CIPA guidelines. Has anyone worked through this and what was your response?


    Dr. Robert Miller, Ed.D and CETL
    Director of Technology and Operations Development
    Ridgefield Public Schools
    203-894-5550 ext 22030

  • 2.  RE: Cell Phone Extenders on School Network

    Posted 06-23-2017 14:44
    CIPA applies to the district network, not the public cell network. Plus i'm not thinking a cell tower down the street that students connect to, is any different than one on your property.


    Kieran O'Connor
    Executive Director of Planning, Development and Technology
    East Syracuse Minoa Central Schools

    315-434-3008 or internal x2661

  • 3.  RE: Cell Phone Extenders on School Network

    Posted 08-28-2017 08:03
    Good morning,
    We explored using cell extenders. The extenders would go out over our WAN. The cell provider required that we dedicate 20% of our bandwidth.

    I couldn't get behind dedicating bandwidth to a commercial entity that would be using our bandwidth to extend their coverage on which they would be making money.
    They wouldn't offer any reimbursement on our loss of available bandwidth and made it seem as if they were doing us a favor.

    There was also the issue of actively providing a hole through the content filter. I think it's different if they put extenders in and go out their own WAN. If they'd wanted to do that, I would've been fine. It's another thing if the district is providing that egress.

    Jeffrey Smith
    Franklin West Supervisory Union

  • 4.  RE: Cell Phone Extenders on School Network

    Posted 08-28-2017 08:25
    We recently installed a system that puts antennas on the room and small antennas that look like wireless access points inside the building. 

    This system just boosts any and all cell carrier signals into and out of the school

    The company loaned us a device that we used to map dead spots and they designed a system. Our maintenance team installed the system

    This system works really well. We have 4 bars pretty much everywhere now. After the initial cost there's no monthly costs at all. 

    We used but I'm sure there are other companies out there that do this

    Feel free to contact me with questions. 


    Kieran O'Connor
    ESM Schools

  • 5.  RE: Cell Phone Extenders on School Network

    Posted 11-09-2017 12:11
    We have a setup similar to what Kieran mentioned.  It just boosts the cellular signal and doesn't put traffic on our network.  Due to the locations that we have used these devices, the traffic is mostly staff, so we aren't worried about CIPA.


    Jeff Gibbs
    Director of Technology Services
    Reynolds School District #7
    Fairview OR
    (503) 661-7200 (3411)

  • 6.  RE: Cell Phone Extenders on School Network

    Posted 11-10-2017 12:41
    We have four Wilson amplifier cellular boosters in our HS in areas where cell signal is weak or non-existent.  They work well.  All students all have to sign off on our SOTD (Student Owned Technology Device) policy which forbids them to use the cellular network and instead requires them to use the district wi-fi which is filtered.  While enforcement is not generally possible it is possible to hold students specifically accountable if we observe them engaging in certain activities; i.e. accessing inappropriate content via the carrier network.

    Here is a link to our SOTD policy:

    Ron Reyer
    Director of Technology Services
    Bethel Park School District
    Bethel Park PA