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Fob Access Procedures

  • 1.  Fob Access Procedures

    Posted 10-01-2018 10:41
    Good Morning-

    I am hoping to get some input on how to improve this process based on what works well in your district.

    Presently building leadership submits a tech ticket to get fobs configured and assigned. The downside to the current process is that we don't have a good feedback mechanism for cancelling/ auditing fobs and access and secondly that it becomes a additional tech request, when I think it really could be delegated to the athletic support assistant and building secretaries.

    How do you manage this process at your district?

    Do you have building level delegated administrators to grant access or is it centralized within the IT Department?

    How do you ensure fobs are returned and access is removed appropriately on a timely basis?

    Thanks in advance for any input and suggestions,


    Chris Whitman
    IT Director
    Bloomer School District
    Bloomer WI
    (715) 658-2800 (1360)

  • 2.  RE: Fob Access Procedures

    Posted 10-02-2018 08:51

    I'm a one-person shop in a small district (approximately 750 K-12 students and 130 active fobs) and I still have difficulty knowing when to cancel fobs and even email/network logins. Everything is centralized in my department because of our size. I scan our monthly board reports for employees who have left the district to make sure I have removed their door access and logins. I also keep my ear to the ground to hear when employees are leaving the district. We have a fairly new board procedure in place where I'm supposed to be notified when employees leave the district and I'm working with my superintendent to get the procedure put into practice.

    As far as fobs being returned, I don't worry about that because of the low cost of our fobs.


    Dan Shelton
    Director of Technology
    Southwest R-V School District
    Washburn MO
    (417) 826-5681

  • 3.  RE: Fob Access Procedures

    Posted 10-03-2018 07:39

    We have a "gatekeeper" who is the HR person in our admin office and has the responsibility of adding new and departing staff to an excel spreadsheet.  On that sheet are the various duties like suspend network account, suspend keycard access, etc.  Our small staff all know their fields to check, and when the gatekeeper sends an email saying a new person has been added, they go to work.

    There are still plenty who slip through the cracks, but it works fairly well for us.

    Hope that helps,


    Bill Rader, Director of Technology
    Danville Community School Corporation
    Visit us at: I Follow us on: Facebook and Twitter

  • 4.  RE: Fob Access Procedures

    Posted 10-03-2018 08:22
    Is there anyway to use the same process for badging/fob access as your key control? Moving the controls closer to the "action" would likely help your feedback loop as our front office secretaries know the goings on long before anyone else. With a proper process in place it is easily something that can be managed at the building level. Then you can intermittently audit the building levels tracking system to make sure they are keeping up with it at an acceptable level.

    Freddie Cox
    IT Infrastructure Manager
    Knox County Schools

  • 5.  RE: Fob Access Procedures

    Posted 10-03-2018 11:42
    I'm knee deep in this project as well.

    For my district Active directory is the central authentication source for everything that IT manages. Accounts are automatically provisioned and disabled based on a staff member (or students) status in either the Financial or Student information system. HR prints badges using some software which also queries the Finance system to print badges at the time onboarding. After that everything gets tied together in AD and then feed via AD to our door access software. When we stop paying people they lose all access to the district (technical and physical).

    This has worked great from a technology perspective. This has not worked so great from a people perspective.
    1. Its amazing (disheartening) how long it can take HR / Payroll to deactivate someone. We have a lot of work to do in this area in the coming years. 
    2. Our old system was very ad hoc. All or nothing access to buildings. No schedules. Very little insight. Fobs were non user specific and as such just traded off leading to a system that was hardly managed. Determining access hours, doors, etc. for people has been very difficult as there is a lot of emotion tied up in this.
    3. Building level managers are upset that they no longer get to give out fobs based on their "criteria". Building access is being driven by what you are employee to do for the district, nothing more, nothing less.
    4. People hate change. 

    Kyle Hancock
    Director of Technology
    Hudson School District
    Hudson NH
    (603) 883-7765