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Long Range Technology Plan

  • 1.  Long Range Technology Plan

    Posted 11-30-2017 09:26
    Dear All,
    At the 2017 CoSN Conference in D.C., there was a presentation on how to develop the perfect Technology Plan. I have searched far and wide for notes and have come up empty. Does anyone have information on that session or more importantly on how to develop a perfect Technology Plan?

    Thanks in advance!

    Myrna Martinez, CETL
    Director of Information Services
    Harlandale Independent School District
    San Antonio TX
    (210) 989-5120

  • 2.  RE: Long Range Technology Plan

    Posted 12-01-2017 09:08
    Hi Myrna:

    A favorite quote of mine is:

    The enemy of a great plan is the pursuit of a perfect one!

    I think each district has so many independent variables that there is no one size fits all or perfect plan. 

    We dealt with a long range technology plan just last year and developed a 5-year plan with staff and community input, school committee approval, etc. We are preparing our budget for next year to support year three of the plan and so far, so good! 

    The tools we found most valuable were from Alliance for Excellent Education (Future Ready Learning). They release a a national technology plan that was able to be used as a foundation. They also provide some resources that can be used to gather information from administration and staff to support rationale for decisions. The plan can be found here:

    From the Future Ready tools, internal audits, some resources available from Massachusetts, we developed our district strategic plan here:

    Luke Callahan, M.Ed., CETL®
    Director of Educational Technology
    Groton-Dunstable Regional School District
    p:(978) 448-5505
    a:145 Main Street, Groton, Massachusetts 01450  e: p:

  • 3.  RE: Long Range Technology Plan

    Posted 12-01-2017 13:26

    I would recommend the following:


    Much more than a technology plan, this is an interactive portal that draws together district leaders around a best-practice framework for effectively using technology in teaching and learning. Components include the following:

           Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

           Use of Space and Time

           Robust Infrastructure

           Data and Privacy

           Community Partnerships

           Personalized Professional Learning

           Budget and Resources


    National Educational Technology Plan: Again from the U.S. DoEd, this document is designed as a vision paper for the country, but districts could use the components as inspiration and an outline for developing their own plans.







    And let's not forget our CoSN resources, though not a technology plan per se.

           Empowered Superintendent framework and the Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) certification as frameworks off of which you could build a meaningful, contextually relevant plan for  a district.

           CoSN Horizon Report: Worksheets, collaborative framework for scoping technology.


    Douglas Casey

    Executive Director

    Commission for Educational Technology

    State of Connecticut

    55 Farmington Avenue

    Hartford, CT 06105

    (860) 622-2224">